An Elf's Tale






Narrated Story - Original Christmas Songs

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An Elf's Tale Narrated Christmas Story with Original Songs

(available as double cd set with bonus "soundtrack cd" and by download)


Eugene, a young boy who is filled with the spirit of Christmas, is astonished to find out that his favorite neighbor Norgey is a retired elf.  Norgey asks Eugene to keep his secret, and in return offers to disguise him as an elf and take him to the north pole.

Santa is falling behind on his present-making schedule, and has called upon all the retired elves to help him at the workshop.  A valuable lesson is learned as they make their way through Snowman's Land, Winky's iceberg, the Candy Cane forest, and finally Santa's workshop.  

Enjoy this delightfully narrated story accompanied with beautifully written original songs.  It will fill your family's hearts with the spirit of giving, and have you singing along throughout the holidays.

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