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Title: An Elf's Tale (Narrated story with Original Songs)

Double CD Set:

  • CD 1: Narrated Story with Original Songs
  • CD 2: bonus Soundtrack CD with 8 Songs

Creators: Brooks Vickers, Craig Smith, Sean Vickers and Andrew Avril

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Travis Saunders @ Skyraider Studios

Illustrator: Kendra Smith

Genre: Children and Family Audio CD

Ages: all ages

Price: $15.00 includes both CD’s

Length: 45 minutes, story with songs


About the Authors:

An Elf's Tale was created by a group of best friends from the small towns of Williams lake BC and Kamloops BC that played together in the band Blinded for almost a decade. 

Blinded was a rock band that played to all ages of people. Their music was catchy and melodic and always had a positive message. They toured across Canada two different times going all the way to Halifax and back to BC and when they found themselves without a show to play they would play at the local high schools and elementary schools in the area they were going through for free.

Their music was also featured on over 15 sport videos such as snowboarding, motor cross, snowmobiling, surfing, and mountain biking as well as on commercials for promoting safety and helmets for mountain biking and featured on the OLN network TV program, “The Ride Guide”.  

Blinded is a fun loving bunch of creative guys that have now given Christmas music a whole new feeling and a story that will put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm every Christmas.


About An Elf's Tale Creation:

An Elf's Tale was originally created in 2004 by the members of Blinded as a Christmas gift to their parents made up of original songs, characters and narrative that took the listener on a magical journey to the North pole led by a very quirky elf called Norgy. 

Every year at Christmas time the story would be listened to by friends and family who would encourage them to produce it for others to enjoy as well.  So during the 2010 Christmas holiday’s Blinded pulled up their Christmas socks, put on their festive sweaters and got back in the studio where they revamped the narrative, wrote more original Christmas songs and collaborated with many different artists and voices to create the new and improved An Elf's Tale!

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